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First Name Marco
Last Name Verdi
Born 1945-01-01
Country Italy
Marco Verdi was born in Milan (Italy) in 1945. Not thirteen years old yet, in 1958 he attended Castello Sforzesco's High School of Art in Milan, were he followed drawing and painting courses and distinguished himself being awarded many prizes. Until the end of 1970s he took part in painting competitions and won six times. He graduated in Graphics and advertising and studied architecture at Polytechnic in Milan. He worked as designer and executive in the furnishing industry. Today devotes all his time to painting. His abstract landscape and floral paintings are in demand and collected in Italy and abroad. This website provides a gallery with the latest works and a link to the artist's interview and a poster gallery where to purchase exlusive prints of his abstract painting.
Considered as the standard medium for paintings, since the sixteenth century, Oil Paintings are the most popular and luminous of all paintings.
by Verdi
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by Verdi
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Canvas used for oil painting that is typically made of linen or cotton, stretched very tig...
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